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Russia, among the biggest importers of medical devices on the planet, remains a key target for medical device exporter. But confusion over regulatory revision could hinder some opportunities. ISO 13485 assists medical manufacturers meet both customer and regulatory requirements. It's a development from ISO 9001and. It was made specifically for medical device manufacturers to meet their regulatory requirements. ISO 13485 applies not only to medical device manufacturers but also to suppliers of services and products to medical device makers, for example vendors.

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For Russian manufacturers, the following are the files required. Applicant's records like INN, PSRN, present extract from the Unified State Register of Legal Entities, a notarized power of attorney for the best to act in the interests of the applicant are required. Manufacturer documents for verifying the place of production and act of eligibility (acceptance) evaluations (if any). Technical documents like QMS certificate of conformity (ISO) (if any), specialized requirements (TU), and education or operation manual (if any). It also requires a description and photo description of the product being enrolled and photos of the registered product.

When classifying medical devices, every medical device can be attributed to just 1 class: class 1 - ic mit сайт medical apparatus using a very low amount of risk; class 2a - medical apparatus with an ordinary amount of risk; category 2b medical apparatus with an higher degree of danger, class 3 medical devices with hazard at a higher level. Belonging to in vitro diagnostic devices and the Amount of materials connected with the patient

Engineering Center Medical Products and Equipment

Once customers hand over the essential documents, the specialists will commence the process and do the needful.If the machine meet the criteria, and everything is so, the experts will complete the process quickly and create the registration certificate. Clients may get the documents in hand in five times if they follow the correct directions. Once they have the certification, they can bring their products to the Russian sector.

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